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Ace Electronics has decades of experience in the automation and industrial fields.

Ace Electronics is an engineering based company that is focused on quality services to our customers. We are dedicated to providing solutions to cabling issues in a variety of industries.

When the industrial industry needs specialty cabling, it turns to Ace Electronics. Whether you require assistance with bulk wire, custom-manufactured robotics cabling, distribution equipment, or anything in between, Ace has led the way with innovative connectivity solutions for over thirty years.

Our engineering staff boasts over 30 years of combined hands-on expertise in wire and cable assembly fabrication, including a milestone patent that dramatically improved the reliability and life of automotive assembly line tool whip cables.

Mission Statement:

To provide our customers with the most cost effective quality products in a timely manner.

American-Made Quality

We believe quality must be built in from the onset, which is why all Ace Electronics manufactured products begin with only the highest quality components. Even in today’s highly mechanized times, custom cable assembly still involves highly skilled, precision handwork. Our production personnel and assemblers are accomplished specialists with a great deal of manufacturing expertise with both copper and fiber products.