The Quality Policy of Ace Electronics is as follows:

All Ace Electronics employees are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations. We strive to accomplish this by implementing a Management System committed toward continual improvement that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers, and commitment to other applicable requirements.

Dedication to quality in everything we do is the top priority of all Ace Electronics employees. Our goal is to achieve and maintain a reputation for excellence throughout the industry. Quality-driven management and employee dedication and commitment enable us to succeed.

All of our operations at Ace Electronics are managed to the documented, certified quality control procedures.

This commitment to quality ensures that all products built and delivered by Ace Electronics are the best in the industry. These procedures, developed through years of refinement for efficiency, allow us to leverage the 35+ years of experience and commercial best practices.

We utilize a Six Sigma methodology to ensure all of our manufacturing processes are producing high-quality results and are constantly being assessed for performance. We employ six sigma certified quality managers to monitor all of our operations and potentially develop new quality metrics that are unique to the requirements throughout our production process. The commitment of having in-house Six Sigma certified staff; guarantees that our manufacturing processes are continuously being analyzed to control the quality of our products.

Certifications Include:

*QMS Certification thru NSF-ISR