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APG, Maryland, October 22, 2018 Ace Electronics Defense Systems will exhibit at the 2018 AUSA Army Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence Symposium and Exposition in Detroit, MI November 28- 29, 2018.

The objective of AUSA’s Army Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence Symposium and Exposition will be to provide an open forum for attendees to interact and participate in discussions about the Army’s efforts to develop autonomous capabilities in all domains. It will also provide a platform for Ace Electronics Defense Systems to demonstrate custom manufacturing breakthroughs that could help the U.S. Army evolve.

This symposium will explore and showcase innovative ways the U.S. Army is developing critical capabilities in robotics, autonomy, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Ace Electronics Defense Systems will help explore how we can assist the Army-Industry team to achieve cost-effective, innovative solutions to military problems, seamlessly reallocate resources as conditions change, and with the speed and efficiency that adversaries cannot match. Our custom cable assemblies and electronics adapt with the ever-changing needs of the Army especially as it moves toward autonomy and artificial intelligence. With over 40 years of experience in providing unique engineering solutions across all our markets we continue to satisfy all our customer’s cable and interconnect issues.

Ace Electronics Defense Systems supports America’s soldiers to continue to be technologically superior in order to maintain superiority over any other force in the world because we have the expertise to satisfy the most demanding and complex cable requests.

The U.S. Army is already employing various robotic and autonomous systems, but has clearly set a course to do much more. With the impending stand-up of the U.S. Army Futures Command, supported by Cross-Functional Teams which address significant current capability gaps, robotics, autonomy, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are certain to be key to the Army’s overall objective of maintaining battlefield dominance over the armed forces of other great powers.


About Ace Electronics Defense Systems

Ace Electronics Defense Systems specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and electronics. Ace Electronics is 100% committed to meeting the specialized requirements for our customers to exceed all expectations. Also, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities support rapid prototyping, full-scale production runs, and are equipped with the latest manufacturing and test equipment, as well as injection molding machines. We not only pride ourselves on setting high quality standards but in achieving them as well; thus, we are proud to say that we are an AS9100D certified company. For more information contact us at