Booth #501


Tampa, Florida, December 17, 2018— Ace Electronics Defense Systems exhibited at the DoD Maintenance Symposium in Tampa, Florida from December 17th through December 20th in 2018.

The annual symposium, which was conducted by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness, brought together members of the maintenance and sustainment communities from the private and public sectors. This year’s theme, “Maintaining America’s Lethal and Competitive Edge,” outlined the new National Defense Strategy and framed key policy, strategy, resourcing, process, and technology issues of the DoD.

Having exhibited at the DoD Maintenance Symposium we were presented with numerous recourses and the most up to date news on what our military is doing, what is upcoming, and how our custom cable assemblies and electronics are performing and which direction this technology is going in. With that in mind, the goal for Ace Electronics Defense Systems is providing the military with the most innovative, durable products available, at the most reasonable cost-effective manner. And based on the feedback of soldiers, discovering how to better improve on past mistakes of other cable assembly houses our custom build-to-print method is more properly suited for our military due to the high-quality products we produce for longer cable lifespans. This was in line with the goals of the symposium, which included obtaining insights into the roles maintenance and sustainment play in the National Defense Strategy, gain access to maintenance and sustainment subject matter experts, and engage with senior leaders within the sustainment community.

This symposium had many opportunities even outside our booth #501, for networking with Ace due to the numerous panels, tutorial sessions, associated meetings, the annual “Sec Def Maintenance Awards ceremony”, and many more events for everyone to learn more about Ace Electronics Defense System and our connectivity solutions that meet all your needs.


About Ace Electronics Defense Systems

Ace Electronics Defense Systems specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and electronics. Ace Electronics is 100% committed to meeting the specialized requirements for our customers to exceed all expectations. Also, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities support rapid prototyping, full-scale production runs, and are equipped with the latest manufacturing and test equipment, as well as injection molding machines. We not only pride ourselves on setting high-quality standards but in achieving them as well; thus, we are proud to say that we are an AS9100D certified company. For more information contact us at