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APG, Maryland, March 12, 2019— Ace Electronics Defense Systems will exhibit at the Association of the United States Army Global Force Symposium & Exposition in Huntsville, AL March 26- 28, 2019.

This is a three-day event that will include presentations from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology), the United States Army Materiel Command, and the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command.

The symposium will have more than 1,000 government personnel from various U.S. Army and DoD organizations and we will continue to give our full support to the military and all our soldiers with high-quality manufactured custom cable assemblies that are on many of the U.S. Army’s tank, Humvee, and weapon system programs.

Here we will explore the capabilities outlined in the Army Operating Concept and how the force transforms from being adaptive to driving innovation for Force 2025 and beyond. Special guest presentations, coupled with panel discussions from our senior military and industry leaders, will address critical points of acquisition, research and development, and partnering between military and industry.

Ace Electronics Defense Systems will be displaying our manufacturing expertise in high-quality custom cable assemblies and electronics. Dedication to quality in everything we do is the top priority of all Ace Electronics employees. Our goal is to achieve and maintain a reputation for excellence throughout the military industry. Quality-driven management and employee dedication and commitment enable us to succeed. In addition, we have years of experience in reverse engineering products for numerous industries and applications, including sole source and obsolete products. Visit booth #1104 to discuss more in-depth connectivity solutions.


About Ace Electronics Defense Systems

Ace Electronics Defense Systems specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and electronics. Ace Electronics is 100% committed to meeting the specialized requirements for our customers to exceed all expectations. Also, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities support rapid prototyping, full-scale production runs, and are equipped with the latest manufacturing and test equipment, as well as injection molding machines. We not only pride ourselves on setting high-quality standards but in achieving them as well; thus, we are proud to say that we are an AS9100D certified company. For more information contact us at