Ace Electronics holds many prime contracts with the Department of Defense as well as many subcontracts with industry defense contractors. And we are proud to support the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp and Combatant Commands in the global war on terror.

Ace Electronics manufactures custom cable assemblies and electronics to withstand the austere environments our troops operate in. With three ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities we are able to provide our troops with reliable electronics for their mission critical applications.

Radio/Communication Assemblies:


32-Pin Data Connector

Power Assemblies:

Class L

Tactical Assemblies:

TFOCA, MIL-C-28876, M85045

Weapon Systems:

Data Assemblies:

Rugged Ethernet



Communication Assemblies:

Surveillance Cables:

SATCOM Assemblies:


Quadrax Assemblies

Fiber Optic Assemblies:

Fiber Distribution Assemblies