For over 20 years Ace Electronics has been providing our customers with over-molded cable assemblies that protect connectors against the harshest environments.

What is it?

Ace Electronics offers a number of molded cable assemblies to withstand extreme environmental and physical abuse. The connector backshell is over-molded with an elastomer to provide strain relief and moisture sealing. Junctions can also be molded with the same compound and tape shields can be used in instances where EMI/RFI protection is a requirement. We’re able to offer our customers a wide variety of wire and elastomer materials to choose from in order to meet nearly any requirement.

Ace Electronics’ value added molded cable assemblies are manufactured for long life and reliable performance in a variety of applications. We manufacture straight, right-angle, or customer specific molded back-shells for different connectivity situations. If your cable assemblies are failing at an unacceptable rate, you may have inherent problems that an over-molding process may eliminate.

Advantages of Molded Construction

Molded backshells offer significant opportunities for product improvement with improved flex and strain relief. Manufactured properly, it can improve performance and reduce overall cost. Molding provides the user with many opportunities for strain relief and improved pull strength which aren’t available in conventional backshell construction.

The trend toward over-molding circular connectors is rapidly expanding as the use of military-style connectors gains popularity in industrial environments. Molding has numerous advantages of molded construction and can enhance an already good product into an even more robust one.

  1. Water Resistant construction
  2. Resilient mechanical protection of the connector
  3. Greater strain relief
  4. No flex induced stress on connector contact
  5. Excellent electrical insulation properties
  6. Less exposed metal than mechanical backshells
  7. Cable can enter connector from any angle
  8. Lighter cable weight
  9. Small & large diameter cable constructions can be molded


Automation Applications • Welding Robot Cables • Data/Power Cables • Tool Whip Cable Assemblies

Compound Material:
Thermoplastic Rubber | Polypropylene | Polyurethane Nylon | Capability to meet M24041

Production Capacity:
We can produce 1000+ molds on our 6 molding machines per day on a single shift using our molding process.

Military Programs that Utilize our Mold:

  • M119A2 Howitzer
  • Counter Remote Electronic Warfare (CREW)
  • HEAT/MET – Simulation Training Vehicles
  • Common Remotely Operator Weapon Systems (CROWS)
  • Long Range Advance Scout (LRAS)
  • Boomerang
  • WIN-T – HCLOS, High Capacity Line Of Site
The molding process used by Ace on their products has demonstrated durability and ruggedness that has enhanced the overall quality of our Program. We are very satisfied with the molding techniques used by Ace.
J. Powers, Weapons/Artillery Engineer, U.S. Army