Cable Assemblies

Ace Electronics' core business is in manufacturing. This includes custom cable assemblies and electro-mechanical assemblies for a wide range of customers. Our facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing and test equipment, as well as injection molding machines. Our manufacturing processes have been evaluated and approved by both the military and commercial consumers who utilize our cables in their end products.

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MIL-Spec Cables

Ace Electronics' MIL-Spec cables are built in accordance with strict military specifications, specially designed for the harshest environments. Our cable assemblies support fire control systems, weapon systems, communications and surveillance systems, and more.

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Multi-Branched Cables

These assemblies are complex jacketed type assemblies that are used in many different markets. Because of our well-trained and experienced technicians, Ace Electronics excels in manufacturing cost-effective and high quality multi-branched cables.

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Industrial Cables

We manufacture high-flex durable cable assemblies to customer specifications for automation and robotic equipment. We support low volume, high mix production runs when required.

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Aerospace Cables

Aerospace assemblies have to perform to the highest standards in manufacturing. With an AS9100D certified facility, we understand the stringent requirements needed to manufacture these types of assemblies and the applications they are used in.

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Electro-Mechanical Cables

In addition to manufacturing assemblies that have connectors on each end, we are also able to incorporate electro-mechanical devices such as fans, motors, relays, thermistors, switches, lights, and solenoids.

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RF/Coaxial Cables

We manufacture RF cables from simple BNC, TNC, N type assemblies to high frequency VWSR testing up to 9 gigahertz. We also have the ability to overmold backshells onto these types of assemblies.

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Medical Assemblies

We manufacture custom cables that are used for various medical equipment including but not limited to: heart monitoring, blood analyzing equipment, and laboratory measuring devices. These assembly processes range from using standard off-the-shelf components to fully customized parts.

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Fiber Optical Cables

We manufacture a broad range of standard fiber cables for use in data center applications, including single mode and multi-mode patchcords up to 288 strand fiber trunks. We terminate a variety of connectors to include ST, SC, LC, and MTP connectors, among others.

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Power Assemblies

Ace Electronics is capable of manufacturing a vast range of power cable assemblies. We can customize a power cable to include an overmold or take an existing 3 prong assembly and terminate with a specified component.

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