Injection Molding

Ace Electronics offers a number of molded cable assemblies to withstand extreme environmental and physical wear. We’re able to offer our customers a variety of materials to choose from, including thermoplastic rubber, polypropylene, and nylon.

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Molded backshells offer significant opportunities for product enhancement with improved flex and strain relief. Molding provides the user with many opportunities for strain relief and improved pull strength, which aren’t available in conventional backshell construction.

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Using molded adapters/junctions has numerous advantages. Junctions can also be molded with the same compound and tape shields can be used in instances where EMI/RFI protection is a requirement.

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Mold Materials

We have been manufacturing custom molds for over 30 years using thermoplastic rubber, TPR, polypropylene, polyurethane, and nylon. We manufacture straight, right-angle, or customer-specific mold designs for different connectivity solutions.

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3D Modeling

We have the capability of supporting our customers with 3D modeling using custom dyes. This process saves both time and money during the production process. By including this step, we can ensure the accuracy of the mold before the final dye process.

Advantages of Injection Molds

The trend towards over-molding circular connectors is rapidly expanding as the use of military-style connectors gains popularity in industrial environments. Molding has numerous advantages over molded construction and can enhance an already good product into an even more robust one.

  1. Water-resistant construction
  2. Resilient mechanical protection of the connector
  3. Greater strain relief
  4. No flex-induced stress on connector contact
  5. Excellent electrical insulation properties
  6. Less exposed metal than mechanical backshells
  7. Cable can enter connector from any angle
  8. Lighter cable weight
  9. Small and large diameter cable constructions can be molded
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