Integrated Racks

Ace Electronics provides our customers with rack integration services from concept to fully populated racks ready to be installed. When needed, we buy direct from the manufacturers or we can provide custom racks and enclosures.

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Integrated Rack Assembly

Ace Electronics has supported data center rack integration for over 25 years. We save our customers time and money by having the ability to custom manufacture the cable infrastructure.

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Relay Racks

Relay racks are primarily used to install communication and network equipment. We provide relay racks and support our customers with cable management solutions.

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Frame Assemblies

We work closely with our supply chain to support various customers with custom frame assemblies. We are able to provide more than just the cabling for our customers.

Our Experience

Ace Electronics has been in operation since well before the 1980s when commercially available personal computers (PCs) first became popular. Our team has seen the evolution of the telecommunications industry firsthand and we continue to support these systems in various markets. Because we are a custom assembly manufacturer, we offer the benefit of being able to provide our customers with specific lengths, labels, and interconnect options. This experience has allowed us to grow in this arena by providing government agencies with integrated racks for shipboard equipment and test lab environments.

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