Custom Electronics

Building upon our core competency of cable assembly manufacturing, we have grown to support custom electronics products as well. Whether our customer needs support to construct a power distribution box from a conceptual idea or just add a feature to an existing product, we are here to support their needs. We can help evaluate projects and recommend solutions that surpass expectations.

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Power Modular Adapter

Power Modular Adapters (PMAs), can be custom built to a customer's specific need. We have produced over 20,000 PMAs for the US Army alone.

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Test Fixtures

We have the ability to configure and build test fixtures that meet our customers' specific test parameters. A test fixture allows the customer to verify their system before integrating. In some cases, these fixtures can be a simple pass/fail configuration while other situations require a test for signal continuity and shorts.

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Fan Assemblies

Beyond connectors, we can also adhere fan assemblies onto a wire. We can manufacture custom electronics onto panels and enclosures.

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External Power Conditioner

When a customer needed an external power source to operate a thermal weapon site, Ace Electronics provided support by engineering and manufacturing the conditioner unit and the harnesses.

Built According to Your Needs

Whether you need a one-of-a-kind custom electronic product or a full-rate production run, we have the ability and experience to support your success. Our staff consists of mechanical and electrical engineers who have diverse backgrounds and work in sync to offer a complete solution.

We either build-to-print for your electronic needs or, if you require support with interconnect solutions, we are fully equipped to help. Building upon our diverse portfolio of customers, we possess the knowledge and experience needed to provide tailored support to customers across various industries.

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